The Bunker: More Paint

More of a WIP this one but it gives an idea what I’m working towards to.

As stated before, this thing is modular, multi scale and multi period. This means painting a lot of different things to make it work. But, thx to the fact most of my blocks and plates are reversible, this doenst mean chopping extra wood 🙂

The next 2 pics will illustrate this, and show my progress as of late.

Teaser shot 1

Teaser pic 2

In the left top corner you see a stairway I made quite a while back, and while very usefull it is also heavy…not the way I had intended to go, but for now it will do as I have no other stairways planned apart from a few loose ones to set up against the walls. Again, a reversible item, and in that way it looks like a stairway going down….a unexpected bonus.

The red containers u see are part of my Bunker filler project, more about that on a later date, again.

The Imperial Aquila (for those of U that play GW games not an unfamilliar sight) is another test to see if I can make a few more complex pieces on the reverse sides of the blocks and plates. So far so good, I guess, though it’s a WIP, and most certainly not done, but I like it.

Thats it again for now, but more soon, thats a promise 😉


2 Responses

  1. This is neat stuff. The clean lines and colours remind me more of Tau than of any Imperial architecture. A friend of yours suggested I take a peak at this, as I’m planning on doing a ‘cut-away’ space hulk as well.

    I’ve bought up a bunch of plastic card for mine, it didn’t occur to me to use MDF. Oh well!

  2. Thx mate…yes, it is pretty clean lined but it was always more intended to be a (german) bunker then anything specifically for GW. Sadly it is currently still in storage awaiting the day I pick this up again.

    I did broke my promise about the soon bit though, so won’t make any more again.

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